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If you are looking for the magic bullet to losing weight or getting in shape, you won’t find it here because it doesn’t exist. Instead, Suzanne will guide you along the path to a healthier you through a step-by-step progression. This is the reason why diets fail. They are only temporary solutions. The key is making permanent lifestyle changes, that work for you.

We all know that exercising regularly will increase cardiovascular capacity, decrease stress, increase energy and improve overall body function. What most people neglect is what they feed themselves and how it affects their body. You would never fill your car with rocket fuel, so why would you feed your body Twinkies and Snickers bars? They provide explosive amounts of instantaneous energy, but for a short period of time, and then leaving you wiped out. Your body needs quality nutrients to function and maintain all its metabolic functions.

Transform your body from the inside out! Suzanne has designed packages that focus on food and exercise. Choose the package that works for you or customize your own. For further info on services and pricing, contact Suzanne.

Eatin’-Fit Program

Learn to make smart food choices and lifestyle changes.

Services include:

  • Home Pantry Cleanse
  • Food Shop n’ Prep
  • 7-Day Food Diary Feedback

Sweatin’-Fit Program

Take a path towards your well-being, by getting in shape or maintaining your frame.

Services include:

  • Personal Training
  • Yoga classes

Suzanne offers personal training out of studios in River North and Lakeview. Currently, yoga classes are offered as a semi-private or private session in Lakeview. For questions or booking inquiries, please contact Suzanne at (773) 415-3881 or email.

Gettin’-Fit Program

Learn to change your body from the inside out – combining both lifestyle and personal training services.

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