Businesses and practices supported by SKo-Fit

Whole Health Chicago
Dr. David Edelberg, Practice founder

Dr. Edelberg and his staff of practitioners have many years of experience in their fields. Together, they provide their patients with a health care practice that strives to be a holistic experience by integrating the best of conventional and alternative medicine in a caring and healing environment.

Alternative Health Group LLC
Tim Suh, Clinic Founder

The Alternative Health Group brings together Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and Chinese herbs), Massage Therapy, Yoga and Tai Chi. The clinic offers an Eastern approach to ailments, that not only addresses the initial problem, but how to maintain your health. I have been a long-time patient of Tim and Heidi Irwin – both are excellent and knowledgeable practitioners.

Mara Nicandro NMT
Mara Nicandro

Have you ever injured yourself, sought treatment for the pain and found the pain return? Our body is excellent in creating compensation. That is why when you injury yourself, the likelihood of getting injured again is high. You want to find the source of pain, not the treat the site of pain. Mara Nicandro has years of neuromuscluar massage therapy experience, in addition to using NKT (Neurokinetic Therapy) therapies to help your body to properly heal.

Chicago Green City Market

One of Chicago’s only year-round farmers’ market promoting local, sustainable farmers, producers and chefs by connecting them to the public through educational programming and special events.
Some of the vendors supported include:
TJ’s Free Range Poultry, Pasta Puttana, Hoosier Mama Pie, Seedling Fruit, Green Acres Farm and Oriana’s Oriental Orchard.

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